Fast, affordable and reliable proofreading and editing services.

We know that spellings, grammar and correct punctuations are crucial elements of coherent presentations and professional look of a student’s outcome of hard work. We ensure that your work is presented in a way that makes you stand out.

Our range of services span from simple advice to advanced academic solutions, we help students enhance the sentence structure and remove errors to improve the academic style of their write-ups. Our dedicated team of proofreaders and editors will provide prominence to your work and suggest changes to optimise the professionalism of your writing.

A student should be aware of the role of the proofreader and the benefits that the proofreader can deliver to enhance the quality of the written work.

What does that mean to you?

A proofreader can spot and correct a number of common mistakes that are often made by students such as :-

  • the use of the articles ; a, an, the, that are often used in the wrong place or in the wrong way;
  • incorrect verb tense
  • incorrect punctuation
  • incorrect prepositions such as at, to, in, on;
  • incorrect pronouns such as he and she
  • incorrect capitalisation
  • And correct spelling mistakes which is extremely important in presenting quality work.

A proof reader can also:-

  • Highlight and propose sentence restructuring to improve the clarity of the intended meaning.
  • Propose simplifying the sentence or paragraph composition to help deliver the meaning in a concise and logical way.
  • May be able to identify errors in the content that may require revisiting by the writer.
  • May identify mistakes in section numbering and diagram labelling.

If you use a proofreader you will need to note that in your submission and will be advisable to keep copies of the draft given to the proofreader in case, you are asked to show these to your supervisor.

How much time should you allocate for proofreading in your plan?

A common mistake made by students is assuming that proofreading is a simple and quick task. You should try to avoid making this mistake. Proofreading can take a considerable time if it is to be done properly and transform the work into a standard of quality that is ready for submission. You will be wise to engage the proofreader at an early stage and request time estimates. It will also help you to break your work into phases where the proofreader could be working on one phase while you get on preparing the next phase. You should also discuss the type of work that your proofreader will deliver for you and make sure that your expectations are clear to him or her.  Mismanaged expectations may lead to delays in your submission and adversely affect your result.

Always remember;

The proofreader can help you a great deal but he or she is not responsible for your text. You are ultimately responsible for what you submit. Ensure that you read the final work and understand the changes then decide if you agree to include them in your submission.